11′ BMW e92 M3 Quarter Panel Repair Airlift Performance 2011 M3

Rear M3nded

No matter how safe and how caution we try to be, accidents happen. Unfortunately for Sebastian, he was stationary at a stop light when a pick up truck rear ended his quarter panel. Out of all his cars, his beloved Airlift Performance 2011 e92 M3 was struck.

Rear M3 Collision

Fortunately nobody else was hurt by this accident. Sebastian stated, “I was sitting at the stop light next I heard was a “boom” and my dog ollie pushed off the seat”

Quarter Panel Damage M3

Minutes after the accident we contacted Sebastian letting him know to bring his car in. Like most of our customers he was unaware of the insurance company procedures. We advised him to report the accident and provide us with claim and insurance contact information. We would then take care of fixing everything necessary for this beautiful M3.

M3 Tear Down

After working with the adjuster for the initial estimate, we began tear down of the car. As always we discovered additional damaged components.

e92 Battery Terminal Damage

More than just the quarter panel needed replacement. Luckily the battery harnesses were not damaged by the hit which could have caused an electrical fire.

Once the car torn down it was now ready for the quarter panel to be removed.

M3 Rear End Removed
BMW M3 Glass Removal

After of couple of hours of cutting, this M3 was on its way to recovery.

Quarter Panel Cut
Passenger side quarter panel removal
Continued Quarter Removal

Quite heart breaking to see a prized possession torn apart due to an unsafe driver. Remember to always keep your eyes on the road.

Damage Removed

Further shots of the time and labor put into this repair.

Replacement Quarter Panel Assembly

With all the damaged parts now removed from the BMW the OEM replacement parts were now able to be installed.

Quarter Panel Attachment

With the new quarter panel mocking we were able to determine if there would need to be additional frame repairs. In this case the e92 M3 was able to keep its straight frame with no modifications needed.

Passenger Quarter Panel Mock Up

Once put back together, it was starting to look like a car once again. Minor body work was left on the rear quarter panel.

Rear Bumper Alignment Check

Prepping the car for paint, Sebastian’s wait was almost over.

BMW Primer For Paint
Color Match Paint Jams

The once damaged trunk back to its OEM state. Like if nothing ever happened.

Interior Paint Jams
Red Paint Jam

Finally we were able to focus on the quarter panel body work with the trunk out the way. Masking and proper prep is the most crucial part for the paint to come out flawless.

BMW Quarter Panel Paint Prep

Masked off and into the spray booth the M3 was on its way to getting back home.

Paint Booth Masking

Fresh out the booth, reassembly was next. With everything ordered it was just a matter of time.

BMW M3 3 Stage Paint Complete

Sebastian decided to upgrade his setup with the down time due to the accident. Out for polish were his set of 19″ Work SP1 with satin black faces.

Work Wheels SP1 Black Face Polished Lips

In the meantime some color sanding, buff and polish commenced on the e92

With everything installed on the car, the freshly polished wheels were on their way back.

19″ Work Wheels SP1 Full High Polish

Here are some shots of the car sitting properly repaired on a fresh set of Work Wheels SP1 with Airlift Performance 3p.

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