2009 Mercedes Benz C300 – W204 Air Suspension

09′ C300 Air Suspension

Cali Crooks member Loui came in for some custom touches to his C300. Seeing how there are not many kit options for this Benz, we decided to collaborate with Universal Air suspension and mock up something custom for this ride. Off the bat we went ahead and ordered some BC Racing BR Coilovers for his Mercedes Benz. Unfortunately this kit came with no top hats so this is where we needed to fabricate something new, since we could not use the stock top hats with the air bag.

There are many different routes you can take when it comes to equipping your car with air suspension. There are many kits you can mix and match and sometimes you can be lucky enough to use the factory shocks as part of your setup. With these custom W204 struts we were on our way. Quality machined parts from Universal Air Suspension made this process a breeze. A huge thanks to our guys at UAS for patience with measurements and amazing communication.

Suspension top hats are a critical components to any setup. Top hats go as far as giving you extra low if machined a certain way. With Loui’s new setup, his machined top hats were now able to pivot with his mcpherson struts and equipped bolts for a nut washer combination.

The BC Racing BR strut its on of the best struts for custom setups. The 30 way dampening adjustment stays fully functional. The strut travel with the airbag allow the maximum tailor adjustments for height and comfortability.

One of the concerns we had for the rear bad and bracket setup was clearance. The W204 chassis has about 1.5 inches of clearance between the rear axles and springs. With a 5-6 inch diameter bag we had to make sure there was enough space for no rubbing issues.

With all the advancements in air components today there’s always something to cater to your needs. A tight fit in the rear and .5 inches of clearance between axles, the c300 rear was good to go. We can get any car onto an air suspension with patience and fabrication. A tight fit in the rear

With a custom suspension a custom trunk was also due. One of our specialties are trunk kicker panel sub boxes. Our sub boxes are made by hand with quality fiberglass and resin. This long process pays off when you’re looking to maximize trunk space with good sound.

The process takes a few days, while it being time consuming the results are always unique. Any sized sub box can be fabricated as long as we are given the speaker size and brand. All speaker brands have their unique specifications to sound at their best. These Type-R speakers Required a little more space for air flow to give it that deeper sounding base.

With the box 85% complete it was on to the tank and compressors. Loui wanted a simple setup. Tank and compressors towards the rear. He decided to go with the Black VIAIR compressors instead of he standard chrome and painted pearl white 5 gallon tank. Nothing too crazy but nice, clean and simple.

Here are the final shots of this Mercedes custom air suspension setup.






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