2018 Jeep TrackHawk Air Suspension Install Universal Air Suspension & Airlift Performance

Jeep TrackHawk Air Suspension

A lot of people question the reliability or air suspension for their vehicle. So why are we confident bagging a supercharged 707hp monster? When it comes down to it pneumatic suspensions have been around for decades and are used in all modern cars such as Rolls Royce, Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes Benz. As for the setup we used on the jeep we rely on the best company in the business. Universal Air Suspension. Their research and experience with air is top notch and their bags outlast the life of the cars!

With the jeep previously being on Eibach lowering springs the ride was quite stiff for passengers sitting in the back seat. Even with the factory dampers on comfort the ride was still rough. The best solution to keeping this Trackhawk low and comfortable was air suspension.

The Airliftp 3P management we paired with the bags made this much more convenient. Remote start and rise on start is an amazing combo. There is no need to wait for your car to rise when you can simple watch it air up as you’re walking back from the grocery store.

With the entire setup hidden underneath the vehicle, trunk space was not a worry. Many people are not aware of the power in these TrackHawks’ so keeping it lowkey was the goal of the hidden management.

Lastly, we went ahead and refinished the once mustard yellow Brembo Brakes with a nice Candy Purple to really help these calipers stand out among the other jeeps on the road.

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