2020 BMW M4CS BMW M Performance Steering Wheel Install

M4CS San Marino Blue

Off the lot the M4CS was due for some upgrades. After its initial 1000 mile break in it was time for the mods to begin. First off was the BMW M Performance Exhaust (MPE) with an AA midpipe and SSR downpipes. The union given by the midpipe in this setup helps eliminate the raspy sound M4’s put out out do to their dual exhaust pipe setup. Not many people want to cut into their $2000 BMW upgrade, but whats the fun if you cannot enjoy it?

With the downpipes off the rest of the install was a breeze.

Next up were the KW Height Adjustable Springs (H.A.S). The much needed lower stance paired with spacers gave the M4cs a more aggressive look.

Fully adjusted to the lowest setting front and rear, factory dampening is left untouched which is one of the best features this kit has to offer.

Up next were a couple changed to the interior. Upgraded M Performance steering wheel, red M1 and M2 buttons, Autotecknic paddle shifters, carbon fiber steering wheel trim, and gloss black shift bezel painted by us here at the shop.

Red M1 and M2 button options are always a nice touch to the steering wheel. Paired with a carbon fiber bezel the grey pieces were slowly starting to disappear on the car itself. Some parts just don’t flow with the F82’s interior in our opinion.

The shift bezel however was our own custom touch. We decided to go with a gloss black finish instead of the factory grey. The only other option available on the market for this pieces is carbon fiber. What are your thought on the finish?

There is more to come to this m4CS soon. Follow us on Instagram for more updates and recent shop activity. Our story posts are always active!

Here is this sexy beast for Bmw M4cs wallpaper goodness!



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