89′ BMW on Airlift Performance 3p Airlift Performance 3p e30 Install

E30 BMW Airlift Performance

From trucks, high end and bikes we cater to the entire car community. For instance, Dane’s 1989 BMW E30 needed a more modern suspension setup. Being his project build, Dane decided to go with a full Airlift Performance upgrade. Equipping the 30 way adjustable struts required more than just a bolt on job. We had to modify the stock hub in order to weld on the top portion of the airlift strut.

E30 BMW Airlift Performance Front Weld

Front airlift performance strut weld e30 bmw


The rear install required some modifications as well. Once all parts are to be installed, everything altered for the installation should look flawless and original. This is no backyard install.

Photo Mar 13, 12 05 38 PM

We’ve said it many times. We love the adjustability of air suspension. On an older car with worn out components, this is a number one modification one must do to update their ride comfort with stunt points as well.

Photo Mar 13, 6 12 51 PM


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