Airlift Performance 3H – Subaru BRZ Installation Air Ride Height Sensors with Brackets

Subaru BRZ on Airlift 3H Performance

After being let down by many shops Nick decided to take a 5 hour drive to bring us his car from NorCal. Nick let us know that he took his car to different shops that specialized in suspension work, but none could solve his problem. Thanks to the power of social media, he came across our airlift performance promotion. Without hesitation, Nick decided to equip his BRZ with the 3H system.

 First up was removing the front suspension, we instantly noticed that the coilovers were installed incorrectly to begin with. The top mount camber adjustment was fortunately never adjusted aside from being mounted improperly.

Incorrect Coilover Top Mount Install

Loose brake hoses and stripped bolts made this install more tedious than it should’ve been.

Challenging or not we still get the work done, with proper mounting on all parts.

Next up was the rear, standard removal and install on these parts went on with no problem.

When it comes to height sensors, not install location is ever the same unless done on the exact same car. Even is such situations preference of install is still accounted for. When going through a 3H installation, our fabricator Luis, always succeeds in finding O.E.M style locations for his brackets. Most users cannot even tell that sensors are not factory such as the following build.

Seeing how at this point Nick has yet to decide on a wheel size, we went ahead and left the sensors at full adjustability in order to tailor them once the wheels arrive.



This is only the beginning of Nick’s build………..

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