Audi A4 Airlift Performance with Accuair Endo Airlift 3p with Accuair Endo CT

With Accuair introducing their Endo tank series in the recent years, a lot of people questioned if it would be compatible with managements other than Accuair e-level. Thanks to our friends over at Bagriders there was a work around to make an Airlift Performance 3H system function with Accuair’s Endo CT tank.

When Jay came to us for his install he wanted the most functionality out of his trunk space. Pairing the Endo – CT with Airlift Performance was the route he decided to take. Seeing how his A4 was a hatch he wanted the least amount of noise possible from his compressor. With the silenced technology provided by Wabco in this setup the sound from this compressor is nearly zero.

After a long back order wait on the Endo CT tank we were finally able to get this 3H install on its way.

Being able to install the airlift sensor to the freshly installed Hotchkis sway bar made is a breeze.

The smaller 3 gallon endo tank was able to sit perfectly after removing the spare wheel on the A4.

After finally calibrating the 3p system we were finally able to see the car slammed on its new setup.

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