BMW 3 Series Airlift 3p Hidden Trunk Setup

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Not only do we provide the best in Airlift Performance, we also provide quality installation.

Being a family car, our customer came to us with his air ride calling in distress for a tidy setup. Letting us know that his family is growing, his BMW 3 Series M328i would be needing the most space from his trunk while being on air. Dual 444c Viar compressors, 4 gallon tank and the Airlift Performance 3p management valve system left him with half his trunk space.

Photo Nov 28, 2 53 23 PM

Its as if BMW new the m328i would be upgraded to an air suspension from factory. Neatly under the trunk weather mat, there is just enough space to nicely tuck in 2 compressors and air management valve system.

Photo Nov 29, 10 23 07 AM


With the battery located in the trunk, there was a lot of left over wiring from the previous installers. Airlift provides you with more than enough wire length for longer car applications. Just another one of the benefits of an airlift system. Seeing how this had to be neatly tucked away, we had to reduce the amount of wiring.

Photo Nov 29, 4 28 04 PM

Photo Nov 29, 4 27 58 PM

One of the best ways to salvage trunk space with a 4 gallon aluminum air tank is of course making it float. Custom brackets had to be fabricated in order to have them allocated precisely to make this happen.

Photo Nov 28, 3 41 39 PM

Photo Nov 28, 3 41 35 PM

During bracket fabrication we had to give the tank an extra custom touch. Scratched up from sitting in the trunk on top of the compressors, new paint was due. We sanded down the polish and scratches and prepared this for paint.

tank raw

Our customer requested a White Gloss finish to match the color of the car. This was the result fresh after paint.

tank gloss white

Paint dried and ready to be mounted. Wires neatly tucked and trimmed. This setup was coming to its final stages.

Photo Nov 30, 10 32 22 AM

At last It was cleaned up and put back together. We also fixed a couple of leaks and bad fittings with the final install.

Photo Nov 30, 2 44 26 PM

Photo Nov 30, 5 25 33 PM

From full custom jobs, to clean simple installs, there’s nothing AA Autoworks can’t accomplish. We Build Success.

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