BMW F30 Bagged on Airlift Performance 3P 2016 BMW 335i Air Suspension

Bagged F30 BMW


With one of Airlifts Performance’s yearly sales, kits were selling left to right. A new local to California by the name of Manuel was ready to upgrade to air suspension from living the static life for only 2 months. Manuel was not only looking to build a show car, but was unsatisfied with the ride quality of his coilover suspension.


Manuel decided to go with a full 3p kit from Airlift Performance. Unaware of air suspension benefits, his research led him to us for his purchase and install. We hooked up Manuel with all the following parts.


-Airlift Performance F30 BMW Front & Rear Struts.

– Airlift Performance 3p Management

-Airlift 4 Gallon Aluminum Polished Tank

– Dual 444c Viair Compressors


With this kit fairly new to the market it is not uncommon for Airlift to have them out of stock. Unfortunately we received an incomplete kit for the rear. Manuel had to wait an extra week for his part due to Airlift’s inventory day. Without hesitation, however, we got the part shipped out next day.

The F30 front kit however went on with a breeze. Side note, when ordering this kit make sure you order to correct top mounts as there are different options.

With the car near completion we were finally to see the car aired out. Next up would be the trunk setup.


Simple and clean was the goal for this euro. Quick hidden management with dual Viair compressors


Manuel’s show car is slowly coming together with his M3 conversion on its way. Adding the front lip with rods made it that much more aggressive. Follow us on Instagram @aa_autoworks for live updates on this build and more.

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