BMW M3 Airlift Performance 3P Install


As one of the first modifications Sebastian wanted for his 2010 M3, he decided to purchase a full air suspension kit from the shop. Airlift beautifully executed the perfect setup for this E92 and exactly addressed the needs Sebastian was looking for in his suspension.

Within a couple of days of being ordered the parts had finally arrived and were ready for installation. We started by tearing apart the front struts and preparing for the upgrade.

Before too long both the front shocks were out and the M3 was awaiting its new Airlift Performance struts.

With everything tailored to the vehicle the Airlift Performance Struts went on like a breeze.

Nothing like a side by side comparison to appreciate quality.

With the front setup completed, it was on to the rear. The muffler delete the car had been modified for made the install a breeze. There was just enough space to remove the rear arms for replacement with the stock mufflers out of the way.

Removal consists of only a couple of bolts. The re-assembly, however, can be tedious.

With the headlight sensors carefully relocated and the control arms perfectly aligned, the rear suspension components looked near OEM.


With the finishing touches on the management the car was finally ready for pickup. Slammed on stock wheels, Sebastian has something in store for his lady in red. Keep up with the builds and give him a follow on instagram



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