Brabus Fitted Mercedes G-wagon Mercedes Benz Custom Body Kit

Full Brabus Body Kit

Straight from the dealer we tackled a full brabus kit for this G – class Mercedes Benz

Custom brackets and long hours or drilling finally had the Brabus kit come to life. Wired and fitted top to bottom gave this luxury filled g-wagon that needed custom touch. There’s just not chance you cannot depict this AMG from the rest.

G WAGON FULL BRABUS KIT g wagon shot 1

We decided to give it an extra touch by adding a third row of seats with matching interior diamond stitching.

g wagon shot 2

One thought on “Brabus Fitted Mercedes G-wagon”

  1. Hello, can you sell, and ship a pair (2) jumpseats for a 2019 G-Wagon? Im looking for the seats you have shown in your pictures of the brabus example, but they dont have to be brabus at all. Im looking for a set of 2 regular seats for my 4 children to use.
    Can you help me?

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