F-150 24″ Forgiato Wheels with Lift Kit

F-150 Resurrected


For some time now Omar’s F-150 was pleading for help. After we decided to suit up his Evo 10 he finally decided to pull the trigger on his truck. Being an indecisive and impatient person he came to us to help him refresh his look for 2018. Omar is huge on “Killing the game”, but his truck had him doing the complete opposite.

Photo Dec 27, 10 52 40 AM

Here are some before shots of his truck. At this point we sourced and installed his front and rear bumpers along with lightbar.

Photo Dec 27, 10 52 18 AM

Photo Dec 27, 10 52 52 AM

With nearly bald tires he decided to just go for new wheels as well. We knew nothing better than a nice Forgiato wheel would suffice this truck. Debating on a rim size was limited. Even with a 5″ lift everyone told him he would not be able to run anything bigger than a 20″. We decided to prove everyone else off and laced him up with some 24×12″ Forgiato Avviato Wheels.

Photo Dec 27, 11 10 15 AM

Wider wheels, flares and new bumpers has this F-150 looking like a brand new truck. Catch this beast at the upcoming Forgiato Fest.

f150 forgiato

F150 Shop Front

F150 Rear


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