Ferrari 488GTB Italia Collision Repair

Its fortunate to see a Ferrari 488 GTB on the streets until it is struck in a T-Bone collision. The impact damaged the wheel, cracked the carbon ceramic rotor, broke the center hub as well as the interior door panel from the airbag deployment. The driver, however, came out unscathed thanks to the structure of Ferrari.

Being an uncommon vehicle accidents are quite rare for a 488gtb. Ordering parts took months to received so we could not order incorrect items. The vehicle was quickly torn down and inspected to see what bit and pieces we needed to bring it back to life.

First parts to arrive were local, Carbon ceramic rotors were replaced as well as the broken hub. Seeing how delicate these pieces are. Both driver and passenger rotors had to be replaced.

When we receive parts we make sure to inspect everything before they are approved to be worked on. When we received the fender we noticed there were some imperfections before we could send them off for fitment and paint. The new fender had to be repaired straight from the dealer.


Freshly painted we let the paint fume out before its color sand and buff process to achieve the perfect color match finish.

Before we could let this car go we had to equip it with some Forgiato Technica Series Wheels. You can never go wrong with a red car and black wheels setup so that’s exactly what we decided to do for the 488gtb.

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