Lifted Toyota Tundra 26″ Wheels Suspension & Body Lift With Forgiatos

Go big or go home. We gave our shop truck a small makeover. Nothing like rolling in style while picking up parts.

With a ProComp 6 inch suspension and 3 inch body lift, we decided to wrap it in 26″ Forgiato Gambe Wheels. Color matching the front bumper our truck begged for some contrast. Karl decided to paint graphics along the doors instead of using vinyl. Shooting clear over the black will help it keep from fading and having that awkward seem than can be prone to lifting.


A custom truck begs for custom wheels. What we love about Forgiato is the infinite options when it comes to customizing your wheels. We decide to color match the inner barrel along with the faces. The outer lip needed to shine so Forgiato had no problem making that chrome. The Gambe-1 detachable inserts is what makes this wheel unique on its own, keeping the contrast aspect Karl decided to make those black. Last but not least the flange was masked off and painted black as well; Giving it the perfect touch of copper and gloss.


Catch this beast at the 2018 Dub Show as well as local meets in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and sometimes even the long beach area.

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