Rolls Royce Dawn Suspension Drop

Rolls Royce Dawn

Another Rolls Royce sitting on Forgiato 24″ wheels also wanted to have their car sit lower on its new setup. With the help of these Ghost Links tailoring the customer’s perfect ride height was a breeze.

As easy as it may seem, if not done properly, lowering your Rolls Royce can possibly throw a maintenance code.

We’ve lowered many high end vehicles such as S63 mercedes and Range Rover Sport which utilize a pneumatic suspensions such as the Rolls Royce. Proper steps are taken each and every time to save a maintenance trip and possibly an expensive charge.

What all Rolls Royce Wraith and or Rolls Royce Dawn owners will encounter is that whenever you fit a 24″ Wheel you will for a fact come across rubbing on the wheel liners. A lot of wheel installers do not know how to address the issue properly or will decide to cut up your Rolls Royce liners with a terrible finish.

Plastic welding is a proper solution to the rubbing issue. The liner must be customized to prevent noisy and uneven tire wear due to contact with the liners.

After the proper adjustments to the plastics and suspension. This Rolls Royce Dawn was sitting proper on its new Forgiato 24″ wheel setup.


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