Rolls Royce Ghost – Avery Brushed Black Vinyl Wrapped Rolls Royce Ghost

Avery Brushed Black

Just when you thought you couldn’t make a Rolls more classy, here come Forgiato wheels and a dapper Brushed Black Vinyl Wrap. Trying to stay away from the norm matte colors, Marat came down to the shop and left the car in our hands. Making it clear he didn’t want the typical matte white wrap, we suggested the brushed black vinyl from Avery Dennison. Without giving it a single thought, Marat said “ok lets do it, the car is in your hands”



To achieve the best installation, it is a must to remove connecting panels. Making sure there is no possible lifting or bubbling over time.
Photo Jan 31, 4 53 06 PM

Photo Jan 31, 1 56 31 PM

With some time and patience the Ghost was coming together nicely.

Photo Feb 01, 12 11 49 PM

Photo Feb 01, 3 15 34 PM

The results speak for themselves. There’s always speculation when doing abstract wraps or color changes on your car. It is hard to determine without a visual representation of what the results will be. If you do not take the risk, how will you truly know the outcome? The AA Autoworks team thrives in individuality. Not being afraid to push the norm to the next level. We’ll let the pictures and outcome do the talking.




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